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Cartridge Dust Collection Units

CycloJet TOR 126

Operating on the Jet Pulse principle, it offers maximum efficiency in a minimal space. With a quick and easy installation process, it operates right next to the business, quietly and emission-free, drawing attention with its chimney-less design. Thanks to cartridges specifically designed for each environment or process, it covers capacity ranges from 4,500 Nm3/hour to 9,000 Nm3/hour. Its unique cyclonic structure directs particles larger than 45 microns to the collection cone before reaching the filter elements.

CycloJet TOR 126

Kapasite bilgileri ve genel ölçüleri, “dokümanlar” bölümünde verilmiştir,

It operates on the Jet Pulse principle

It is the method of cleaning the filters with compressed air pulses. In this way, the filters have a long lifespan and the system operates at high efficiency.

Space Saving and Quick Installation

Since space is limited in industrial environments, this feature provides a great advantage.

Quiet and Emission-free Operation

Thanks to this feature, the system can be positioned inside the operation, even right next to the machine, because it does not create noise pollution and does not emit harmful emissions.

Specially Designed Cartridges

Cartridges specially designed for different environments and processes enhance the efficiency of the system.

Wide Range of Capacities

It can meet the needs of businesses with different capacities ranging from 4,500 Nm3/hour to 9,000 Nm3/hour flow rates.

Cyclonic Structure

It ensures the collection of particles larger than 45 microns before they reach the filter elements, which extends the filter life and saves energy.

low energy consumption

Having low energy consumption for both compressed air and the fan reduces operating costs.

User-friendly Automation

The fully automatic control panel provides convenience for users and maintenance personnel. The system switches to automatic cleaning mode when the machine it serves stops, preparing for the next operating period.


CycloJet TOR 126

A user and caretaker-friendly fully automatic automation panel facilitates system usage; it switches to automatic cleaning mode when the serviced machine stops, preparing for the next cycle. Filter elements can be easily replaced within half an hour, while a maintenance-free weighted discharge valve provides additional convenience.

CycloVent Industrial Fans with Snail Design

CycloVent Fans reflect Asel Teknik’s innovative spirit, designed to meet our customers’ needs with high efficiency and superior silence. Our fans are equipped with specially developed software that reduces energy consumption without compromising performance. Understanding the critical importance of snail design, we shape every detail aiming for perfection. This ensures not only high performance and quiet operation but also guarantees energy savings. With CycloVent, say goodbye to performance losses, increased noise, and unnecessary energy expenditures. Operating on the principle of ‘High Efficiency = Minimum Noise,’ we extend the lifespan of your fans, promote energy efficiency, and offer a peaceful working environment. Discover comfort and efficiency with CycloVent.


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