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Our Quality Policy

As ASEL Teknik, we adopt the basic principle of increasing customer satisfaction by offering products and services that meet the needs and expectations of our customers. 

In this direction;

  • We always prioritize customer satisfaction and create a quality management system that aims continuous improvement by effectively managing customer feedback.
  • We strive not only to meet ISO 9001 Quality Management System standards, but also to continuously improve them.
  • We encourage leadership and employee participation in all processes, because we believe that quality products and services are only possible with the active participation of employees.
  • We continuously review and increase training programs to improve the knowledge and skills of our employees. In this way, we increase productivity, product and service quality and ensure continuous development.
  • We create a fast and effective working system by utilizing technological means in corporate communication with our suppliers and customers, so that we can respond to customer demands quickly and effectively.
  • We focus on upgrading all our business processes to a level that can compete at international standards, so that we can offer our customers the best quality products and services.
  • We manage all our business and operations in accordance with environmental and human health standards, thus contributing to society and the environment by following a sustainable environmental policy.
  • We continuously strive to be a leading company in the dedusting and industrial fan industry in terms of machine quality and we continuously improve our quality by adopting the best practices in the industry.

CycloVent Ventilators with Snail Design

CycloVent Ventilators are designed to meet the needs of our customers with our products that reflect the innovative spirit of Asel Teknik, offering high efficiency and superior silence. Our ventilators are equipped with specially developed software that does not compromise performance while reducing energy consumption. Knowing the critical importance of snail design, we shape every detail to perfection. This guarantees not only high performance and quiet operation, but also energy savings. With CycloVent, say goodbye to performance losses, increased noise and unnecessary energy expenditure. Driven by the principle “High Efficiency = Minimum Noise”, we extend the life of your fan, save energy and provide a peaceful working environment. In your quest for comfort and efficiency, meet CycloVent.


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