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About Us

Since 1999, ASEL Teknik has been continuing its journey in the field of engineering with dedusting, mining machinery manufacturing and snail-radial fans in Kütahya, a mining and processing city.

Our company maintains its leadership in the sector by offering innovative solutions for the needs of the sector.

Snail-Radial Fans with ASEL: Quiet Operation and Energy Saving

ASEL also designs and manufactures CycloVent Snail-Radial Fans used in industrial plants. These fans meet the ventilation and cooling needs of facilities by offering high efficiency with quiet operation. The use of CycloVent fans saves energy and makes the working environment more comfortable.

As Asel Teknik, we are pioneers in the development of systems that provide quiet operation and energy saving in radial fans. These systems include features such as high efficiency motors, aerodynamic designs and advanced control algorithms. In this way, fans operate quietly and efficiently, while energy consumption is minimized.

ASEL Teknik, Pioneer in Industrial Solutions

Our company currently manufactures CycloJet Dedusting Systems with its own patent and also manufactures products such as micronized separation machines and snail-radial fans.

CycloJet Dedusting Systems: Efficiency and Environmentally Friendly Solutions

CycloJet Dust Collection Systems are specially designed for each mineral and working condition. Systems developed and designed by ASEL engineers are tested in electronic environments supported by fluid simulation software.

Cyclojet Smart automation software developed by ASEL makes the dust collection systems of the enterprises smarter and more efficient. This special software ensures optimum performance by continuously monitoring the flow rate of the dusty fluid drawn and precisely adjusting the speed of the fan impeller. In this way, the costs of filter elements, compressed air and electricity consumption are reduced by up to 35%. Cyclojet Smart both reduces environmental impact and optimizes operating costs by taking an important step towards a sustainable business.

ASEL Quality and ISO Certificates

ASEL, which has ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and Domestic Goods certificates, offers its customers the highest standards of service.

Our leading position in the sector is ensured by continuously developing technology and our principle of “good engineering”.Contact us for solutions tailored to your needs.

Our Vision

To become Turkey’s leading manufacturer of industrial dust collection machines as an innovative, principled and responsible organization.

Our Mission

Working for a livable world while providing optimum solutions to customers’ needs.

CycloVent Ventilators with Snail Design

CycloVent Ventilators are designed to meet the needs of our customers with our products that reflect the innovative spirit of Asel Teknik, offering high efficiency and superior silence. Our ventilators are equipped with specially developed software that does not compromise performance while reducing energy consumption. Knowing the critical importance of snail design, we shape every detail to perfection. This guarantees not only high performance and quiet operation, but also energy savings. With CycloVent, say goodbye to performance losses, increased noise and unnecessary energy expenditure. Driven by the principle “High Efficiency = Minimum Noise”, we extend the life of your fan, save energy and provide a peaceful working environment. In your quest for comfort and efficiency, meet CycloVent.


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