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CYCLOJET WP-21 Vacuum Garbage Collection Machines on the Road for Basra Municipality in Iraq

Two of the CYCLOJET WP-21 vacuum garbage and dust collection machines developed by Asel Teknik are on their way to be used by Basra Municipality in Iraq. Continuing its efforts for cleaner industries and a cleaner environment in Turkey and around the world, Asel Teknik draws attention with this important step.

Asel Teknik dust collection machines continue to be the choice of many distinguished companies in Turkey as well as distinguished companies in various countries such as Argentina, Egypt, Russia and Romania. We offer an ideal solution by blending the quality of our machines, savings and innovation. Our goal is to go further and better at every step.

Central Vacuum System Delivered to Yeniköy Kemerköy Thermal Power Plant

Asel Teknik completed the manufacturing and installation of 2 CYCLOJET TOR 126-VC central vacuum systems ordered for Yeniköy Kemerköy Elektrik Üretim ve Ticaret A.Ş. Kemerköy Thermal Power Plant and put them into service.

This success once again proves Asel Teknik’s expertise in industrial solutions. These new vacuum systems for Yeniköy Kemerköy Thermal Power Plant will increase the efficiency of the plant and help it manage its operational processes more effectively.

Cyclojet Tor 126 Dust Collection Products Exported to Erbil, Iraq

As Asel Teknik, we have completed the production and export of CYCLOJET TOR 126 dust collector unit with cartridge with a capacity of 6.000 m3/h upon the order of Federal Group company operating in Erbil, Iraq.

This export proves once again the presence and success of Asel Teknik in the global market in the field of industrial solutions. The CYCLOJET TOR 126 dust collection unit, which is specially designed and manufactured in accordance with the needs of Federal Group, will provide an environmentally friendly production process by making the activities of the enterprise cleaner and more efficient in its activities in Erbil, Iraq.

Piromet Pyrometallurgy’s New Generation Dust Collection Unit Completed

The manufacturing of 2 CYCLOJET VORTEKS 165 new generation dust collector units, which were specially manufactured for Piromet Pirometalurji Malzeme Refractory Machinery Manufacturing Industry and Trade Inc. was successfully completed and installed on-site by Asel Teknik.

This pioneering system will increase the efficiency of Piromet Pyrometallurgy’s production processes and provide a cleaner and safer working environment. In addition, the manufacturing process of the dust collection ducts is continuing rapidly, so that the system will be ready for use when completed.

CYCLOJET WP 21 Export to Basra Region of Iraq

Asel Teknik continues to export CYCLOJET WP 21 vacuum garbage collection unit for use in Basra region of Iraq. After the first batch of exports, we have received the second batch order as of today.

The ease of use and fast cleaning of our units, which are used in regional municipalities, are of great importance in terms of customer satisfaction and this situation makes us extremely pleased.

Asel Teknik R&D team continues to work on different capacities and models of the product and strives to offer a wider range of products to our customers.

Quartz Plant Dedusting Plant Installation Completed

We proudly announce!

The installation of the dedusting plant for Turkey’s largest micronized quartz plant has been successfully completed.

This project, which we completed as Asel Teknik, represents an important milestone in the industrial field. Our dedusting plant, which was delivered and installed meticulously, will increase Turkey’s micronized quartz production capacity and reinforce its leadership in the sector.

This important step once again demonstrates the importance Turkey attaches to industrial growth and environmentally friendly production practices.

Kütahya Provincial Health Director and Deputies Visited Asel Teknik

Kütahya Provincial Health Director and his Deputies visited Asel Teknik. In addition, the installation of the central vacuum cleaning unit and installation for the coal preparation plant of the Thermal Power Plant was successfully completed.

During the visit, a detailed information was given about Asel Teknik’s industrial solutions and technological innovations.

Central vacuum cleaning unit installed for the coal preparation plant of Thermal Power Plant unit and its installation, the aim is to increase the efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of the facility. This collaboration reflects the commitment of local health authorities and Asel Teknik to create a cleaner and healthier working environment.

Our System Designed For The Refractory Industry Has Been Commissioned

Our system specially designed for the refractory industry has been commissioned. The dedusting project of the exciting new facilities of PİROMETALURJİ MALZEME REFRAKTER MAKİNA İMALAT SAN. ve TİC. A.Ş., one of Turkey’s leading industrial companies, was carefully prepared and completed by experienced Asel Teknik Engineers.

The dedusting machines to be used in this pioneering project were realized with CYCLOJET VORTEKS series dust collection units, a product of Asel Teknik’s engineering genius.

In addition, the dust collection ducts, which are one of the indispensable elements of the project, were also designed and manufactured by Asel Teknik’s expert team. The system, which has been completed completely, is now ready for use. We are very happy to have stepped into the future successful production of Piromet A.Ş.