About Us

Asel Teknik & Endustriyel is a company providing industrial services and goods to her
customers with quality certificates in her field since 1999.

The company name Asel inspired by honey production which means honey. The honeycomb is created with a unique and flawless geometry so that you can produce the most honey, at least in the field, in the best possible way. At the same time, the honeycomb always must be in constant temperature and humidity. As these conditions are not met, honey may stain, but every time it is produced correctly with astonishing coordination and discipline, and it is the only food which does not spoil in centuries. 

By inspiring the honey, bee and the creation of the honey barrel, Asel entered the market with engineering studies in the field of air conditioning, than began to active in the mineral processing area (Dedusting Systems and Mining Machinery). 

Currently, with its own patent ‘’CycloJet Dedusting Systems’’ are being produced, besides these vibrating screens and micronized sererators -seperating machines- are also manufactured by Asel, the company completes the design of CycloJet dust collection systems specifically for each miner and operating conditions. Studies that Asel engineers projected are ran and tested by fluid simulation software. With is unique double-wall construction, CycloJet systems work both as a separator cyclone and a jet pulse bag filter, presents to the market a hybrid function in a single construction. At the same time, automation soft ware has been developed which keeps the fluid flow constantly and is presented to customers with the name of ‘’CycloJet Smart’’ Operating costs (filter element, compressed air, electricity consumption) are reduced by at least 35 %. Asel, also designs and manufactures seperating systems for the reusing the collected dust. 

In addition to all these, Asel Vibrojets vibrating screens are capable of mineral screening with high efficiency. (Asel has ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates). 

Our priority will always be ‘’good engineering’’ and ‘’producing sustainable performance-capable machines’’.